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Natural product Flavocen is the main biologically active component of the Dahurian larch (Larix dahurica) root. The main component of biologically active food supplement «Flavocen» is Dihydroquercetin (DQC) – 3,3,`4,`5,7 – pentahydroxyflavonon (taxifolin) and dihydrocemferol (Aromadendrin)

Flavocen is a mix of bioflavonoids of taxifolin and dihydrocempferol, obtained from the Dahurian larch (Larix dahurica). The larch is known for its durability and resistance to the environment influence mainly resulting from high (up to 2%) content of bioflavonoids. Nowadays they are widely used in food industry, as components of creams and ointments, as natural preservatives. Antioxidative properties of Flavocen are comparable with that of vitamin E, moreover, unlike in case of alpha-tocopherol they do not decrease with warming.

Unique properties of the product allow its use for two applications (besides therapeutic and preventive means and also as an effective preservative)
  •  in food industry – as an antioxidant for addition into fat-containing products with the aim to prolong their shelf life
  •  as a biologically active compound for production of various pharmacological preparations.

Also the DQC can be used in:
  •  the winemaking industry for accelerated ageing of cognacs and wines;
  •  the animal and poultry breeding industry as a dietary supplement.

Wide range of pharmacological effects of Flavocen predetermines the possibility of its use in treating of wide variety of diseases, pathogenetic treatment of which requires the use of preparations possessing antioxidative, capillary-protecting, anti-inflammatory effects. The use of such preparations is justified when a person has various nosological forms of bronchopulmonary pathology; heart disease, connected or leading to myocardial ischemia; ophthalmologic diseases; liver activity disorders, etc.

When used for prevention means, the DQC improves health quality. According to specialists’ evaluation, systematic preventive introduction of the DQC into food products within the range of minimal dosage 0.0001- 0.00001% per weight during a year allows to prolong human life for 20-25 years.

Food products with added DQC are being developed for areas with unfavorable ecological conditions (with the increased radioactivity or polluted with industrial contaminations),and also for the population under the influence of stress factors or living in extreme climate conditions.

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